we make history.

Banks, insurance companies and further financial institutions are Members of eabh. In recognition of their responsibility for a sustainable and effective financial sector they advance academic research in the field.

The most recent developments of global financial markets are a stark reminder that boom and bust remain permanent parts of life. Whilst not every recession triggers a financial crisis, every financial crisis triggers deep recession. Indeed, had it not been for the massive intervention of central banks around the world, the recent financial crisis might have led to a depression as in the 1930s. But why did some financial institutions manoeuvre more successfully throughout the crisis? Understanding basic financial principles and developments within their historical context is not just a nice to know for a few banking historians. It is vital knowledge for bankers, supervisors and policy makers; essential to keep in mind when shaping the re-structuring of modern financial systems. Learning about the past does not provide a checklist for future challenges, but does enable us to have a better sense of which options exist. History matters. 


  • eabh supports research into all aspects of banking, insurance and financial history, from the earliest innovations in the middle-ages, to developments since the industrial revolution and in the present.  
  • eabh maintains a global network of financial professionals and academics. In so doing, eabh contributes to the effective management of the financial sector and consequently competitiveness.
  • eabh primarily focuses its support on its member institutions, which include banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. They benefit from eabh conferences, workshops and publications.
  • eabh promotes the art of archiving. Accurate, accessible and relevant records of past activities and experiences are the indispensable foundation for a sustainable and stable global financial system. 
  • eabh circulates sound research and information upon which today's decision makers can rely. 








2015 eabh annual conference.

15 May 2015

in cooperation with

Czech National Bank & Czech Banking Association



Economic and financial data underpinning analysis and policy-making. 

2015 eabh archival workshop.

14 May 2015

in cooperation with

Czech National Bank & Czech Banking Association

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